My Books

“Marianna Torgovnick is one of our most brilliant and probing cultural critics.”

Joyce Carol Oates

“A kind of gift to its own culture, a guide to the perplexed.”

Arthur C. Danto, NY Times Book Review

I write with two things in mind. First, that writing should come from the heart as well as the brain — and it should really matter. Second, that I should not leave out the juicy things I discover along the way. As a professor, I fill in and revise after I’ve done research. But writing is an intuitive process for me and one I love.

You’ll find here two e-books: my first, well reviewed book about how novels end, Closure in the Novel; and my second book, where I let loose my lifelong love of painting and art as well as great novels, The Visual Arts, Pictorialism, and the Novel. If the Amazon link takes you to a hard cover, check back soon for an e-book at a low price.

You’ll also find here Gone Primitive and Primitive Passions, juicy explorations of why a civilized “us” both fears and yearns for a primitive “them.” Finally, you’ll find The War Complex, a tough-minded rethinking of my parents’ war, World War II and how it echoes in our minds after 9/11.

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