Duke in New York

The Fall Duke in NY Arts and Media Program takes 22 students to New York to live, work, and play in the world’s most exciting city. They attend plays, museums, concerts, and more: all integrated with course work centered on a semester project that taps special talents. My students work as interns in the industries of their dreams. They grow and they transform. It’s a wonderful gig, supplemented in May-August by the Duke in NY Summer Internships in the City. Want to know more? Head to www.duke.edu/web/newyork or Duke’s Study Abroad website.

A lot of my blogs and tweets come from the rhythm and excitement of the City, where I love theatre – Broadway and off-Broadway – gallery and museum shows, opera and other classical music, movies, dance, and jazz. It’s exciting. And I feel so grateful to my students year after year for making it so.

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